Report for October 2018 Lodge Meeting

The Autumn Festival for 2018 was hosted by the Pathfinder Lodge No: 8236, Yorkshire West Riding Province at Tapton Masonic Hall Sheffield on September 22nd 2018.

The festival meeting was graced by the presence of the ever energetic and appreciative Provincial Grand Master for Yorkshire, West Riding, RW Bro. David Pratt attended by his team. The meeting received a talk by W. Bro Christopher Powell entitled “Masonic Artefacts and what they tell us”, Tracing Boards, Aprons, Jewels, Lodge Lists, Books of Constitutions, Old Charges, and other Masonic artefacts are viewed to see what story they have to tell about Freemasonry in general and its history in particular. This was very professionally presented and informative with many examples to touch and hold.

The Pathfinder Lodge celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and those attending this meeting received an anniversary pin and pen. At the festive board THE Provincial Grand Master he took wine with all Queens Scouts present - a first at these festival meetings confirming the closeness of Scouting and Freemasonry.

316 Lodge of Unity, Peace & Concord (The Installed Masters’ Lodge for the KLA)

In the morning meeting of Lodge of Unity Peace & Concord No. 326, the KLA’s Installed Masters’ Lodge, which saw three joining members and a newly proposed joining member as well as a talk from the Secretary General of the Boys’ Brigade, Bill Stephenson.

The Lodge meets twice a year. There last meeting was for installation of the new Master was on the June 23rd 2018 at Freemasons’ Hall, London.  All Past Masters of Lodges belonging to the KLA and associate members of the KLA are entitled to attend. Why not join, ask me for details. In the next few weeks we will see the Consecration of two more Mark Scout Lodges, in South Wales on 29/9 and London on 13/10. Things are on the up for the KLA.

The Spring 2019 Festival of the KLA “Acorns to Oaks”, Walesby Forest, Campsite & Masonic Lodge is being hosted by Walesby Forest Lodge No 9674 In the Province of Nottingham 13th April 2019, AT Masonic Hall, Goldsmiths Street, Nottingham NG1 5LB. Booking form is now available.

A committee meeting for the KLA will be held in the morning for of Lodge representatives

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