The KLA at the 2020 (virtual) Gilwell Reunion

The workshop was chaired by W Bro. Paul Wong, the Chairman of the KLA, after which W Bro. Tony Harvey presented a 20-minute talk followed by a question and answer session. The talk gave an outline of Freemasonry, touched on some of the obvious parallels with Scouting, introduced the KLA and the relationship today between The Scout Association and UGLE, and covered how local Scouting can collaborate with local Freemasonry. The Q&A session featured MW Bro. Christine Chapman, Grand Master of Freemasonry for Women (The Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons) and VW Bro. Sylvia Major, Grand Secretary of the Order of Women Freemasons, as well as our own W Bro. Steve Richards (Be Prepared Lodge), Bro. Mark Smith (Rudyard Kipling Lodge) and W Bro. Tony Harvey. The questions were quite broad and demonstrated genuine interest in Freemasonry. 

The event gave us an opportunity to get a clear message across to a good-sized audience.  It was the first time we have had representatives from the two Orders of Women Freemasons, a collaboration which we intend to repeat in future years when hopefully we can return to face-to-face attendance.

A recording of the workshop can be seen on W Bro. Tony Harvey’s YouTube channel at

You can see further talks, including his Prestonian Lecture, at