No 8596: Pathfinder Lodge

Situated in the Worcestershire Province, concreted in 1974 at the Masonic Hall, Bordesley Green, Stechford, Worcestershire.
Venue: 641 Bristl South Road, South Northfield, Worcestershire B31 2JS
Meetings:  2nd Thursdays in February (Uniform) / March / October / November (Installation) / December. 

No 8662: Kudu Lodge

Situated in the Hertfordshire Province, consecrated in 1975.
Venue: The Masonic Hall, The Rose Walk, Radlett, Hertfordshire WD7 7JS
Meetings: 2nd Wednesday in February / 3rd Wednesday in May (Uniform) / 3rd Wednesday in September (Installation) / 2nd Wednesday in November.

No 8765: Compass Lodge

Situated in the Leicestershire & Rutland Province, consecrated in 1977.
Venue: The Masonic Hall, 111 Broad Street, Syston, Leicestershire LE7 1GJ
Meetings: 4th Saturdays in January / February / March (Installation) / October / November (Uniform).

No 8969: Fleur de Lis Lodge

Situated in the East Kent Province, consecrated in 1980 Ancient College Gateway, Maidstone, Kent.
Venue: Maidstone Masonic Centre, Courtenay Road, Tovil Hill, Maidstone, Kent KT6 4BN
Meetings: 4th Thursdays in February (Installation) / April / May / September / October / 3rd Thursday in December. 

No 8991: Sure and Stedfast Lodge

Situated in the South Wales, Eastern Division, consecrated in 1981.
Venue: The Masonic Temple, Guildford Crescent, Cardiff, South Glamorgan CF10 2HL
Meetings: 4th Saturday in March / 2nd Saturday in June / 4th Saturday in September / 3rd Saturday in November.

No 9065: Pioneer Lodge

Situated in the Derbyshire Province, consecrated in 1982 at the Masonic Hall, 457 Burton Road, Littleover, Derby.
Venue: The Masonic Rooms, 1 Campbell Street, Belper, Derbyshire DE56 1AP
Meetings: 2nd Tuesday in February / 2nd Saturday in April / 2nd Tuesday in June (Uniform) / 2nd Saturdays in July / September (Installation) / November.
Note: After September 2019 meetings change to: 4th Tuesday in February / 3rd Monday in April / 3rd Tuesday in June (Uniform) / 4th Tuesday in September (Installation) / 3rd Monday November

Pioneer Chapter No 9065
Meet at the same location on the 3rd Monday in February / 2nd Mondays in April / October / December.

No 9100: Sure and Stedfast Lodge of the King’s Messenger

Situated in the London Province, consecrated in 1983.
Venue: Freemasons Hall, 60 Great Queem Street, London WC2B 5AZ
Meetings: 2nd Saturdays in January / March / May / July / 5th Saturdays in September / October / November.

No 9130: Sure and Stedfast Lodge

Situated in the Derbyshire Province, consecrated in 1984.
Venue: Dore Masonic Hall, Woodland View, Abbeydaler Road South, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S17 3LA
Meetings: 4th Tuesdays in January / March (Installation) / June / September / November.

No 9146: Duo Fraternitates

Situated in the Bedfordshire Province, consecrated in 1984 at the Masonic Hall , Church Street, Luton, Bedfordshire.
Venue: The Pavillion, Bowling Green Lane, Luton, Bedfordshire LU2 7HR
Meetings: 4th Tuesday in February / 2nd Saturday in March / 2nd Saturday in May / 4th Saturday in September / 2nd Saturday in December (Installation).

No 9317: Woodsmoke Lodge

Situated in the Yorkshire West Riding Province, consecrated in 1989 at Freemasons’ Hall, Market Street, Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire.
Venue: The Masonic Hall, King Street, Mirfield, West Yorkshire WF14 8AW
Meetings: 4th Tuesdays in February / March / April (Uniform) / June (Installation) / September / October / November.