No 9326: Sure and Stedfast Chapter of Temperance and Felicity

Situated in the West Lancashire Province, consecrated in 1919.
Venue: The Masonic Hall, 22 Hope Street, Liverpool L1 9BY
Meetings: 4th Thursdays in January (Installation) / March / September / November.

No 9365: Sure and Stedfast Lodge

Situated in the Worcestershire Province, consecrated in 1989.
Venue: Moseley Masonic Hall, 221 Alcester Road, King's Heath, Birmingham B14 6DT
Meetings: 1st Tuesdays in May (Installation) / June / July / September.

No 9385: Impeesa Lodge

Situated in the Gloucestershire Province, consecrated in 1990.
Venue: The Masonic Hall, Shrubbery Road, Downend Bristol BS16 5TB
Meetings: 1st Saturdays in February / April (Uniform) / September (Installation) / November.

No 9454: Indaba Lodge

Situated in the Durham Province, consecrated in 1991.
Venue: The Freemasons Hall, Archer Street, Darlington Durham DL3 6LS
Meetings: 1st Saturday in March / 1st Wednesday in May / 2nd Monday in June / 1st Wednesday in September (Uniform) / 1st Saturday in November.

No 9504: Kibblestone Lodge

Situated in the Staffordshire Province, consecrated in 1993 at the Masonic Hall, Gaol Square, Stafford, Staffordshire and since 2009.
Venue: The Freemasons Hall, Market Street, Stone, Staffordshire ST15 8AT
Meetings: 2nd Friday in March / 4th Friday in April (Installation & Uniform) / 4th Friday in September / 4th Wednesday in October.

No 9674: Walesby Forest

Situated in the Nottinghamshire Province, consecrated in 1998.
Venue: The Masonic Hall, Goldsmith Street, Nottingham NG1 5LB
Meetings: 3rd Saturday in January / 2nd Saturday in March (Installation), / 2nd Saturday in October (Uniform) / 3rd Saturday in November.

No 9681: Rudyard Kipling Lodge

Situated in the Lincolnshire Province, consecrated in 1998.
Venue: The Masonic Hall, Banks Street, Horncastle, Lincolnshire LN9 5BW
Meetings: 2nd Saturdays in January / March / May / 1st Saturday in July (Uniform) / 2nd Saturdays in September / November (Installation).

No 9689: Brownsea Island Lodge

Situated in the Dorset Province consecrated in 1998 at the Masonic Hall, Ashley Road, Branksome, Dorset.
Venue: The Masonic Hall, Howards Lane, North Street, Wareham, Dorset BH20 4HU
Meetings: 2nd Saturday in February (Installation) / 3rd Friday in April / 2nd Saturday in June / 3rd Friday in September / 3rd Saturday in November (Uniform).

No 9783: Scout Lodge

They meet in the Devonshire Province, consecrated in 2004.
Venue: The Masonic Hall, Churley Road, Ashburton Devon TQ13 7DH
Meetings: 2nd Thursdays in January / March (Uniform) / July / 2nd Wednesday in September (Installation) / 2nd Tuesday in November.

No 9814: Scout Lodge

They meet in the Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire Province, consecrated in 2004.
Venue: The Masonic Hall, 27-35 Mill Road, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire NN8 1PF
Meetings: 2nd Wednesday in February / 3rd Wednesday in May (Installation) / 2nd Monday in October / 2nd Tuesday in December