History of the KLA

Many of us know that our mother lodges sprang from groupings of brethren of the same profession: Bankers; Accountants; Engineers; Industrialists; Musicians; Theatrical Artists; and so on. It was inevitable that similar bodies forming lodges in different areas would eventually link up and foster the development of the Craft in some provinces and the growth of a closer link as a result of their twin fraternities.

Very much like the Premier Grand Lodge, which was formed in 1716 by four Lodges meeting at the ‘Goose and Grid Iron’ alehouse in St Paul’s Church Yard in London, the origins of the Kindred Lodges Association (KLA) date back to a meeting held in the library of The Scout Association H.Q on 5th February 1952. It is known that there were five Lodges whose membership comprised present and past Scout Leaders and supporters of the Movement:

  • The Quest Lodge, No 5969, Province of East Lancashire
  • Juventus Lodge, No 6473, London
  • Pro Juventus Lodge, No 6999, Province of Middlesex
  • Quest Lodge, No 7102, Province of Durham
  • Torch Lodge, No 7231, London

At that meeting, a proposal was made by W Bro Murray Napier that the brethren of these five lodges meet together as a convenient Masonic venue in London. This was approved and W Bro Capt D M Penrose agreed to write to the other Lodges explaining the idea and inviting their support. It was first thought that a date near St George’s Day (23rd April) might be a suitable time to meet - St George being the Patron Saint of Scouting - but at a further meeting it was decided to hold the first ‘Festival’ Meeting on 11 September 1953 at the Talbot Restaurant, London Wall, London. In all 86 brthren were present - from Quest, Juventus, and Torch Lodges, together with other invited brethren. The work at the first Festival meeting was a demonstration of the First, Fourth and Fifth sections of the First Degree Lectures, presented by W Bros Grumbridge and Morgan. This was followed by a paper given by W Bro C N Potter on ‘The Origins and History of Freemasonry’.

Since then the KLA has been growing, cementing those foundations. It now embraces members of the Boy's Brigade Lodges and we have many associate members of Scout and other Youth Groups who are Masons in other Lodges. Links have also been formed with Lodges and like minded brethren overseas, including Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Holland, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, and the United States of America.

Our links are truly spread over the four quarters of the globe, embracing Freemasons who have an interest in the future of the World's youth.